FAMILY LAW A LA CARTE delivers top-quality, cost-effective legal services to an increasing
  number of people who are either unwilling or unable to pay for the more traditional "full-service"
  private attorneys.

  As an emerging model for the delivery of legal services, this unbundled or a la Carte law
  practice allows the customers/clients to do as much of the work on their own cases as they can,
  or want to, and to hire the "a la Carte" attorney to do those tasks for which a lawyer's professional
  legal education and expertise provide a definite advantage.

  Unbundling is attractive to customers because it saves them money and gives them more control
  over the process and the strategy decisions.

  FAMILY LAW A LA CARTE is committed to not duplicating other available legal services. 

  Instead, FAMILY LAW A LA CARTE offers a unique and empowering opportunity for individuals
  and families, facing serious, life-changing legal problems, to enjoy full access to the legal system,
  at an affordable price, and, at the same time, to fully utilize each individual's unique creativity and
  problem-solving skills, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for all concerned.
Welcome to the Virtual Office
of Family Law a la Carte!
The VIRTUAL OFFICE of FAMILY LAW A LA CARTE  opened for business on January 3, 2006.

Please note that FAMILY LAW A LA CARTE is an online law practice, described in detail in the first four paragraphs of the "Virtual Office" page of this website.

FAMILY LAW A LA CARTE specializes in Family Law, together with the client's other concurring legal problems in areas of law which are often not included in a more traditional Family Law/Domestic Relations practice.  See the "Family Law" page and the first two boxes of the "Family Lawyer" page of this website.

The third distinguishing feature of this reorganized law practice is that FAMILY LAW A LA CARTE provides unbundled or a la Carte legal services, more fully described on the "a la Carte," "Typical Customers," "Costs and Fees" and "Hiring a la Carte" pages of the website.

The "For Attorneys" and "Access to Justice" pages and most of the "Virtual Office" and "Family Lawyer" pages are designed to be of special interest to attorneys, and, of course, are also available to anyone who is interested.
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